for the woman who loves Jesus,

for the passionate,

for the fierce,

for those looking to find their voice,

for encouragement,

for the strong & the one needing strength

this site is

… for you.

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From the funny, the deeply spiritual, the personal, and yikes… the embarrassing! Hop on over to my blog for the latest inspiration, encouragement, or cautionary tale!

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Yes, you’re seeing this correctly! Perfect for the woman on the go, tune into my podcast for brief, yet impactful episodes that will encourage and empower you to be the woman God has created you to be!

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And More…

All things designed to partner with you as you walk out your faith journey! Journal prompts and ideas, social media graphics, and more!



It takes C O U R A G E to walk out your faith and answer the call God has on your life. In my own life, there have been times where I’ve heard the Lord call me to do something, but allowed myself to let fear challenge me and prevent me from taking the next step. Maybe you’ve felt the same way! It’s time to fight that. It’s time to step out and do the thing God has placed in your heart.

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Life is T O O S H O R T to let fear stop you from trying new things, from being adventurous, and from exploring your passions. Chase after it. Pursue it. Dream. & DO!

Wait for the Lord’s direction, but
B E C O U R A G E O U S.

Much Love,


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